Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying to Enjoy the Journey Tested

My New Year's resolution this year was to focus on my journey, not the destination.  However, Thursday morning I was sorely tested.  It snowed in the wee hours of Thursday and we had maybe an inch or so of accumulation on the roads.  I had heard the forecast and thought I should leave early to make it to work on time.  I left over a half an hour earlier than usual thinking I would not be late. 

First fail was one of the highways I take to work was closed, as in no access, only surface roads for me.  I skipped two of my three interstates going for highway 64.  Second fail, after two minutes on 64 everything stopped, and I do mean stopped.  It ended up taking me an hour to go probably 3 miles, making me exit with concern for my battery on the car dying.  I would like to say I took that hour to listen to music, talk to a love one on the phone, or contemplate the meaning of life.  Oh no, I spent the time freaking out about being late, obsessively checking the bars on my hybrid battery, and wishing I had something other than John Lennon's Mind Games in the CD player.  I was down to one bar of energy when I finally was out of that concrete hell.

I thought once I was off the highway to try another surface street.  This plan seemed to be working, than I hit my third failure.  I was in the wrong lane and had to make an unfortunate left turn.  My car was wanting me to just go home and temptation was hard to overcome, but I got myself back on the westerly route to work. 

Forth fail, I had spent so much time in my car that I had to find a restroom.  I skipped the White Castle because I did not want to smell like a belly bomber all day.  This decision was a bad one, there was nothing on the right side of my car for many, many, many minutes. After an eternity in bladder holding agony, I stopped at a McDonalds and relieved myself. 

I finally arrived at my destination 2 and a half hours after I had left my home, 5 times my normal commute.  I was emotionally and physically fried.  Failed on resolution.  Lesson learned, next time call in late and enjoy a cup of tea before braving the elements.


Charade said...

You shoulda just popped in the old Lennon CD and let it carry you away! Did they then let everyone go home early to miss the same kind of hell on the return trip? What was with MoDOT, anyway?

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I do like Lennon, but on the 4th time through, I was over Oh Yoko. And Once they had me at work I worked my shift and then some. It was the worst commut