Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the Soup (Tureen)

So you know I love Fiestaware.  Last fall the good people at Homer Laughlin said to each other how can we truly torture our faithful customers?  They decided in the spirit of evilness to put out a 75th anniversary soup tureen, which would cost almost as much as stove, in their new color marigold. I tired to resist the urge to own one, I really did.  I am not even crazy about the marigold color.  However, time and obsession undid me.  A piece of Fiestaware, I don't own was too much, and I do make a mean bowl of soup when I put my mind to it. My baked potato soup is particularly tasty.  In the end I truly have no willpower against shiny anniversary pieces of pottery.

The power of Fiestaware was strong and I did end up putting it on my wishlist of fantasy dishes I wanted to own.  The price was steep and the hope strong.  Last week my wife gave me a very large box with Homer Laughlin printed on the side for Valentine's Day.  I know they say little packages contain the best presents, but not always.  In my box was the much desired marigold soup tureen.  My wife was happy, I was happy, but in the end she said good luck finding a home for that.  As always she was right, I have very little space for new editions, let alone something so significant.

I fussed and I measured, my china cabinet was too small.  My corner cabinet refused to be worthy to have the soup tureen inside it as well.  So I fussed and looked around the dining room and looked and looked.  With much study, thought, and tea I did find a home for the new Fiestaware.  It took effort, movement of much stuff, and a couple of glass blocks to make it work, but I am pleased with the end result.  The top shelf of the corner cabinet full of teapots was cleared and made way for a burst of marigold to take center stage.  Now to dust off those cookbooks and start thinking what soup would be worthy of the new tureen.

P.S. With the soup tureen my wife also bought me a chartreuse Fiesta Lady (I know I am very lucky to be so spoiled by my spouse).  She is very lovely dancing at the base of the mighty piece of pottery.


Charade said...

Please, God, don't let the New Madrid shaky thing visit us up here. Poor Tempest Tea would be in a whole lot of trouble. I'm a sucker for a soup tureen, but we mostly dip right from the pot on the stove.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I do think about things like explosions and earthquakes and then I shudder and move on. If the tureen comes down, a whole lot of my lovelies are coming down and then we will have multi-color tile for a patio.