Monday, November 12, 2012

Special Day with My Wife

The Birthday Girl

Today is my wife's, Natalie's, birthday.  I took the day off to try and give her a special day.  Now let me start with she and I are as different as night and day.  Our differences are so significant that if I am picking something out for her I think about what I would want and pick the exact opposite thing.  We do struggle with these differences. 

Our refrigerator is a case in point to our schism of likes and dislikes.  We have wheat & white bread, almond & whole milk, large & small curd cottage cheese.  We can't even agree on Cheetos.  I like the puffs, she likes the crunchy.  Years of compromise and working together has made it okay to have two types of bread, but our dance of differences did not come easily.

Birthday celebrations are another case in point.  I want the ticker tape parade and national holiday to accompany my special day.  Natalie, not so much, she wants a day that is as stress free as possible.  She never wants the wait staff at a restaurant to know it is her birthday because she doesn't want anyone to make a fuss over her.  I thought long and hard on how to make today the kind of day she would love.  Nothing to over much for her.

My plan was to start the day early (for me) by giving her her presents (book, DVDs, robe, sweat pants, and yarn) and taking her to breakfast.  My wife loves breakfast.  After our meal I took her to her favorite type of shops (book, pet, and music stores).  Then home for time with her dogs, the Taters.  We ended our day with dinner out than home for DVDs and knitting.  I know, not exciting, but exactly the kind of day she wanted.  And you know that is what I tried to do give her a perfect day.  Now in March ( my birthday month) bring on the confetti and marching bands, cause I do like a fuss.

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