Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Thankful Tempesttea

Several of my friends have been posting on facebook something they are thankful for every day this month.  I have enjoyed seeing those posts and learning more about the depths of my friends' personalities.  3 years ago I spent the month of November doing the same thing on my blog.  Faithfully, I searched my soul for something that made my life worth living.  At the end of the month I discovered, Fiestaware dishes aside, I was most grateful for the people in my life.  ( 

3 years hence on the cusp of Thanksgiving I have to say this truth is even more important to me now.  The people in my life have been my comfort, my support, and my source of much joy. I would be lost without these connections, so vital to my existence.
I am only making one post on thankfulness this year and I want to make it a worthy one.  I am again so thankful for you my friends and family.  Those of you who get me, or try to get me, those of you who are the ones who remind me daily how lucky I am to know you.  We may not always agree on everything or have voted the same way in the last election, but I would be less without you. I thank you for everything you do to make my life a richer more brilliant tapestry.   I can only hope that I am a friend equally as deserving of your care. 
Much, much love.


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