Monday, January 7, 2013

Quartet of Slouchy Lace Berets

My holiday knitting post mentioned that I had made three Slouchy Lace Berets for my nieces and sister of the heart, Tammy.  I was pleased with the results from the pattern, and since I am a person who can upon occasion get obsessed with a pattern, I knit one for me in green.  In my defense, I scored some Classic Elite Lush yarn at a yarn swap and the yarn was perfect for the pattern.  After three berets knit in acrylic I felt my fingers deserved to do the pattern in a yummy angora and wool blend yarn.  Also, not that I am defensive or anything, since I had memorized the pattern what was one more cruise through the lines of lace knitting.

I did cast on with size 2 dpns(douple pointed needles) because the band on this pattern just was a little too generous.   The lace pattern is muted by the fuzzy angora fiber, but I love the halo effect the beret has when I wear it.  The weather has been chilly here so it was just in time too.  I think it looks great, and the next time I am with the three previous knit berets I will have to get a picture of the quartet together.  Finally, not that I am defensive or anything, it was nice to knit something for myself. 

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