Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everything and the Basement Sink

Living in an old house has perks like tall ceilings, unique design elements, and the knowledge you are living someplace which has withstood the sands of time a little longer than you have.  However, there are drawbacks, creepy old basements come to mind.  Our house is no different.  From the low beamed ceiling to the uneven poured cement floor it is not an inviting space.  I go down there to do my laundry and scoop the kitty litter leaving quickly.  The basement looks like the a place where monsters and criminals lurk in the shadows waiting to jump out and get me.  I think I just spooked myself thinking about it.

The hot water to the washer has been out, in our quest to fix this problem, I dreamily said it would awesome if we had a sink down there.  My wife talked to our handy guy and viola we now have a utility sink in the basement just in time for Valentines Day.  We even got the deluxe model with the spray nozzle.  It is very exciting.  I can do hand wash in the basin and wash my hands if they get ucky.  I know you are giddy just thinking about my good fortune.  The position of the pipes required a height adjustment, so our handy guy built a pedestal for the sink.  How fancy is that? 

Our basement is still creepy.  No handy person can ever make it an inviting space, but hey I got a sink in my basement! 

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