Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Portrait Scarf or Adventures in Felting

Some time ago I came across Shibori Knits: The Art of Exquisite Felted Knits by Gina Wilde in a clearance bin.  After I bought the book, I glanced at the designs, and shelved it away.  Other than some unfortunate acne looking scarves, the book really did not have anything I thought I would knit.  In the past I saw a scarf with a felted wool center and silk sides and wanted to make one.  Surprisingly, I had missed this pattern in Wilde's book.

I knew I had some silk and soy yarn that wanted to be this scarf.  I dug through my odds and ends and came up with 4 different wool yarns to use for the center.  I knew the cobbled together center might be a problem, but not to be deterred I jumped into this project with both hands and a size 10.5 circular.

The author suggested that felting can be an adventure, and what an adventure it was.  First came the 70 inch I-cord and picking up about a million stitches on each side (okay it was more like 175 and the pattern said 300).  Again I forged onward. 

Once the knitting was done, I got a little stuck.  As I have stated before we have had a hot water problem in the basement, so I had to wait for the washer to get fixed.  Well, my lovely wife made sure I had my hot water.  Once the washer was fixed with a pair of jeans and a Shout color catcher sheet, I threw in my pretty green scarf. 

Looking Smug in My New Scarf
I stood next to the washer waiting for the big reveal and what a reveal it was.  I expected a felted center, but not a felted edge too.  Well, the 100% soy, Pure yarn felted too.  At first it was disappointing, but with a little trim I actually liked the way the edges fuzzed up too.  I love how the scarf has the look of a drapey much loved scarf.  Glad I took another gander at Wilde's book.  Loving this pattern and the end product.

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