Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dante (1998-2013)

I never intended to love this cat.  Natalie rescued him, not me.  He was one step from being feral when he arrived.  It took time and tough love to civilize the cat whose previous name had been Juvenile Delinquent.  A big house and 7 other kitty siblings helped make him a good fit into our home. 

Yes, I said 7, which means he was cat number 8.  He won me over with his bad boy charm, mischievious pumpkin colored eyes, and love of chin rubs. I must have won him over too, because he never warmed up to Natalie or anyone else for that matter.  In fact he found biting Natalie to be one of his favorite activities after eating treats.  He didn't like company, dogs, or the great outdoors.  However, he was a one person cat and I was lucky to be that person.

Today I had to make the hard decision to let him go.  He will be much missed and my house seems very lonely without him.  I can only be thankful for all the love he has given me over years. Good-bye my Dante.

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lilspydermunkey said...

I'm so sorry. :::hug:::