Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lapis Fiestaware Arrives!

The good people at UPS showed up today with a delivery from Newell, West Virginia.  In case you are wondering why packages from West Virginia are so revered, it is because that is the hometown of the Homer Laughlin company.  In other words the new Fiestaware color has arrived!!!

Lapis Fiestaware Place Setting
Back in early March Homer Laughlin announced the new color would be Lapis.  As I opened the box with my new place setting in it I was unsure exactly what the color would look like.  However, I had previously decided to go forth pre-order and wait for the big reveal.  Today my wait was over.  I pulled out the pottery and lo it was good. 
Sapphire Dinner Plate with Lapis Salad Plate (Notice the Slight Difference in Color)
Back in the 90s there was a limited edition sapphire Fiestaware color released for Bloomingdales.  I had suspected the lapis would be close in hue.  Though the lapis is slightly lighter in saturation it is very close to the sapphire.  I do like the color, I just wish it was a more vibrant.

Family of Fiestaware Blues (Sapphire Dinner Plate, Starting from Upper Right Going Clockwise: Lapis, Peacock, Perwinkle, Turquiose, and Cobalt)
Regardless, I always love getting Fiestaware in the mail.  The lapis will look very nice with the flamingo and lemon grass dishes  I definitely see purchasing more lapis pieces to join my ever growing dinnerware collection.  Call me obsessed, it is okay, and so true.

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lilspydermunkey said...

The lapis is beautiful. I'd buy some, but we already have blue dishes.