Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Half Moon Mittens or Kooky Knitted Calzones

Last Friday I came home at lunch and saw 3 AT&T trucks on my block.  The technicians were on the poles working on the lines.  When I got home Friday night we had no cable service and the wifi was out.  Doesn't take a detective to figure out one of those techs might have made a mistake.  Today after much turning on and off of "equipment" they discovered that someone on Friday had "forgotten" to re-connect our cable.  Not the end of the world, but thankful to be back on the grid today.  I missed my wifi.

What I did do over my internet disabled weekend was finally finished Daniel Yuhas' Half Moon Mittens.  Thanks to Robyn at Kirkwood Knittery I was able to finish the pattern and knit up these kooky mittens.  Despite looking like lobster claws, as soon as I saw this pattern, I wanted to knit these mittens.  The mittens are knitted in the round with just two ends to weave in, one at the tip of the thumb and one on the cuff.  Very clever construction Daniel.  I am so happy with the finished mitten. 

I am one of those fingerless mitts people, but with the recent cold snap my finger tips were freezing off.  I can now wear my fingerless mitts and pull mittens on when the temperature drops.  I also have the added bonus of looking like I have multi-colored calzones on my hands.

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