Sunday, January 5, 2014

Knitting Fail in 2014 Or Saved by a Scarflet

Listen to my tail of woe.  I am in the throes of epic knitting fail.  I finished knitting 2 Fabulous Felted Hat in 2013 and all I need to do is felt them.  Actually, I have been trying to felt one down to wearable size and it is refusing to do down that last couple of inches.  I have tried everything short of dipping the damn thing in hot lava and it just won't go down.  Big GRRRR and felting advice accepted.

I also worked on Jacob Yuhas' Half-Moon Mittens.  Apparently, the pattern is slightly smarter than me I keep getting stuck.  I have had more interventions on this pattern than Lindsey Lohan.  I think I am finally back on the right track, but we will see.  Also want to add the left-hand lift to increase 1 in this pattern is very brilliant.  Thanks Jacob.

I even tried to cast on a Pembroke Shawl.  Another fail moment.  I completely misread the pattern and had to rip the whole thing out.  So much knitting win in 2014.  Insert sad trombone music here.

To make myself feel better I thought I would do something simple.  Using some leftover cascade tweed yarn I knit the Scarflet.  Garter stitch and buttonholes, very easy.  The hardest thing about this pattern was picking out buttons and finding 4 that matched.  Also, I got it done in 2 nights.  I know it is lame, but I will take a knitting win wherever I can find it right now.

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