Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Year of Building Blocks

I am always one to put together a grandiose plan for Natalie and I to do some project.  Some may call it a scheme, okay Natalie calls it a scheme, but I like planning things.  For 2014 I came up with a perfect plan for us to improve our knitting skills and end the year with a fabulous project.

During the madness which the local yarn stores call a yarn crawl, I bought a booklet, Building Blocks by Michelle Hunter.  I thought the book was brilliant.  Hunter provides 12 patterns for knitted blanket blocks, each blocks builds on the other to improve pattern reading and knitting skills.  The blocks range from simple knits and purls, building up to cabling, bobbles, and lace. 

Much discussion went back and forth between us as to our abilities to do such an ambitious project.  I must admit I upped the bar a little by suggesting that we each make our blanket for the other.  Of course knitting for each other means our yarn choices have to be tailored to each others taste.  I chose Simpliworsted by HiKoo in green, blue, lavender, and purple for Natalie.  Natalie is working with Simpliworsted as well, but her colors seem to be a bit brighter. 

I finished block #1 this last weekend.  It was exciting to see the block done and imagine the lovely finished blanket.  I fantasize my blanket will keep Natalie warm on cold winter nights like tonight.  Of course, at this point anything could happen. My meticulous planning could easily be derailed or worse yet once done we still have to sew all the blocks together.  But from January everything is going along swimmingly.  Will keep you posted on our progress.

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