Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Feet?

I am on a quest, a quest to love my inner sock knitter. If you remember I previously blogged about my not so successful first pair and how it took a year to knit them. ( ). But I am not deterred, in January I took a sock knitting class using two circular needles with the goal of doing two socks at a time. The class went well, I got a single sock done.

I have even started the second sock, but....

On the last day of class I had Ariel ,the awesome instructor, help me get started on the two socks at a time on the two circular needles. Ariel even came in for a guest appearance later to help me with the gusset. These socks are turning out great and my gussets are gorgeous.
You could cut butter with those stitches on that gusset, but why would you want too?
But they still aren't done.

Finally, last Tuesday I started a new sock class, the Basic Toe-Up Magical Socks on a single circular at Hearthstone with Georgia. It was intriguing to think of myself knitting two socks toe up satisfying that inner miser who wants to use up all her yarn on a sock.

You can see how far I've got on that sock, a whole toe.

So all the sock up or down and with two circulars or one aside. In my quest I am now in a world of sock debt. I have three pairs of socks started and only one sock done. Looks like I might need a couple of years to catch up. And worst of all I am now a knitter with 3 project going at a time. I have fallen off the monogamy wagon and I am all tangled in sock yarn. Is this where I yell, "Help, I am sock knitting and I can't get a pair done!"

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