Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Knit Kit

I have a neat new gadget! It is called a knit kit and it is like a knitter's Swiss Army Knife. It was designed with a stitch counter, tape measure, crochet hook, and a TSA approved yarn cutter in the front. In the back is a not so secret compartment with stitch markers, point protectors, and again TSA approved collapsible scissors. And all in a little container that looks suspiciously like a birth control device container. I can stash it in my purse and have it available for any and all knit emergencies. I loved it so much I bought a few for a couple of recently birthdayed friends.

Okay, despite its rather subversive similarity to other things a younger woman might stash in their purse, I do wonder that it is only available in a cream and pink colors. After all a lime green one would be just even that much more irresistible. I do love green.

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