Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More on the Sock Saga


Tempest 4

Socks 2

I am gaining on my sock debt, and I am a monogamous knitter again. Just one more pair of socks to go, I am feeling very full of myself right now.

I was so stoked with my accomplishment that I wore my socks to work on Monday, despite the fact that wool socks in late spring is a little sweaty. But I didn't care as I crowed to co-irkers, about my knitting prowess. I love that these socks are cammo colored. This pair, like the first was knitted with Plymouth Happy Feet. I love that the yarn is a wool and nylon blend knitting up to a springy fabric. The socks were comfortable and will match my very green wardrobe.

So here is the problem while at the LYS I stumbled across this lovely Knitcol yarn by Adriafil and saw some brightly colored socks on my size 10 1/2s. I couldn't stop myself I bought the yarn and needles to do the two at a time on two circulars. I want to start them now! Apparently, I want to knit more socks and want to fall off the monogamous knitting wagon. But can you blame me with this crazy yarn?


Dyeabolical said...

Those are some nice looking socks there, lady. Welcome to sock knitting; it will consume your life. I quit my job to make sock yarn. It's insidious and lovely. :)

Is that a new Knit.1 I spy?

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Why yes it is a new knit.1 and a very lazy backdrop.