Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ugliest Yarn Ever

Every day we all make bad choices, but some choices are almost unforgivable. Case in point I have been going through my stash to catalogue it on Ravelry. I am proud of myself, I have dutifully been photographing and adding yarn as I find time. I have been through about 60% of my yarn and today was a difficult day of sorting. I dug out the blue Rubbermaid container of poor made purchases that I keep under my bed. These yarns of unnatural fibers I have accumulated through sale bins from questionable places.
Some are so ugly I think I should have been paid to take them off the hands of the retail outlets I procured them from . What will I ever do with these garish mistakes? The Bling Bling by Bernat is so hideous that I think nothing is worse, but then I found the Cha Cha by Patons. This acrylic monstrosity is so bad, I think it is like a nasty seventies shag carpet rolled up and put in a skein of yarn. My shame is great for owning something so amazingly ugly. Whatever will I do with it?


Kara said...

Get some really big needles and make a couple scarves out of them. Then donate them to someone. I'm not sure who, but somebody would love to have them. :)

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

That is a nice suggestion, but I am sort of afraid that I could hurt someone's feelings with them. "Oh, I get the ugly yarn."

Barbara said...

Gentle Alice, while it has been some time since following your rabbit hole travels, I remain a devotee. I must interject a cautinary word regarding the storing of "ugly yarn" under ones bed. Storing questionable items under ones island of repose can only encourage, what my friend Tawanda would call, "bad juju".
The whole karma shui is wrong.
My unsolicited suggestion for poorly selected yarn might be the production of small easily shredded cat toys. This would provide an outlet for our feline friends natural viciousness and a cathartic exercise for you.
I would further suggest that you limit your under bed storage to clandestine lovers and the smaller breeds of dust bunnies. They are the perfect pets

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Thank you,ugly yarn has been moved to far corner of life. Far from where I sleep and dream of yarn.