Friday, May 1, 2009

Sock it to me!

On my infinite sock quest, as I have mentioned before I was six socks deep into debt. Well pull out the scoreboard cause I just finished my two at a time, cuff down, socks for Natalie!

Socks 4
Tempest 2

And the socks are being modeled by the very lovely recipient of these beauties. They fit her perfectly as if they had been knit to fit her pretty feet...oh wait they were.

I am kind of impressed by how sweet the Plymouth Happy Feet knitted up. The only problem I really see with my efforts, is well, it is almost summer and here are these snug wool socks. Not exactly season appropriate. Oh well there is always next winter.

On another yarn related front, the awesome Dyeabolical Yarn Diva ( ) has been dying away in her studio and came up with a cotton slub yarn with my name all over it. She said she dyed the yarn with me in mind. I am taking the liberty of naming the yarn "Jamie Green."

I am pretty certain I will get something light and summery knitted with it by next winter.

1 comment:

Kim said...

The socks that you finished came out beautifully. I think I'm jealous of your yarn color, but it is definitely Jamie green! LOL
Take care of youself kiddo Kim