Sunday, April 4, 2010

Laumeier and Mark Newport

First I don't know some of these people in the photos, they are random people at a very full artist talk at Laumeier Sculpture Park. So sorry folks if you did not sign a model release, I forgot the form at home. Now back to the our not so regularly scheduled blogpost. In what seems like a life time ago I went to an installation of the Mark Newport knitted superhero costumes at Laumeier ( ). It was an interesting exhibit and the organizers promised a second event in April which would include not only an artist's talk in the gallery, but a knit-in.

Newport talked about his inspiration for the costumes and how he came up with his patterns. I learned much about his artistic process and found Newport to be a delightful speaker. He obviously enjoys what he does and his energy on the subject of knitting is infectious.

I am including photos of his Captain America, Argyle Man, and the Flamer Costumes. Each had a cute story or observation from the artist like, why would anyone put yellow, orange, and red colors together for a garment. Or the Argyle Man was inspired by living in a very preppy New England during the mid-eighties.

After the talk we sat in the park, knitted, spun, talked about knitting, and meet a whole bunch of knitters. My beloved wife joined the party and she did not even seemed creeped out by the large eye watching her.

And I even saw a few yarn bombs at the park. A very beautiful spring day was enjoyed by all.

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