Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Bells and Old Friends

The Newlyweds
I have a trio of weddings coming up in the next weeks.  They run the gambit from old friends, family, and another trip to Iowa.  I went to the first weddings today.  I was lucky (my word for the year) to be invited to the nuptials of a woman who I have known since kindergarten.  In other words most of my life.  She has always had the prettiest hair of anyone have I known.  I can remember sitting behind her in class and always wanting to touch her hair. 

Toothy Grins Were the Accessory of the Day

With my family in tow we went en mass to Ozark Outdoors ( for a very simple, but lovely afternoon wedding.  The bride was radiant, her dress perfect, and those gorgeous tresses of hers beautifully arranged.  I saw my friend smile like I have never seen her smile, she truly glowed with love.  Her new husband beamed with happiness as well.  I can only wish the two them the best in their new life.

Two of My Favorite People
I spent the late afternoon surrounded by my family, and other guests, basking in the celebration of two lives.  Other then the beautiful dresses and happy couple, I think the thing I liked best was the fact that everyone brought their dogs with them and with the doors open the canines came in and out of the reception enjoying the festivities as well.  I left the party feeling happy for my friend and glad to have had such a wonderful afternoon with my family. 

One down two weddings to go.

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