Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Woman Who Loved Scarves

Trillian Scarf for my mother
Lately, I have been knitting scarves lots of scarves.  Scarves for me, a scarves for others, long ones and short ones, elegant and crazy scarves.  I dream about scarves, count them like sheep to help me sleep,  and right now I trying to decide which one to knit next.  I guess you could say I like scarves.

Trillian scarf for me

Before I started knitting I collected scarves of all sizes.  I preferred the really long ones that I could swish around my neck in a knock things off tables kind of way.  It is no surprise that when it comes to knitting projects I am known for super sizing everything often with tragic (in a mock epic kind of way) results.  One of my recent knitted scarves, a luscious bamboo blend diagonal pattern, was almost half done when I decided it was not going to be long enough.  I ripped out the scarf and started over again with fewer stitches so I could have a longer end product.

Bamboo blend diagonal scarf
The diagonal scarf in the end was 58 inches, but it just seemed too short for me.  With this in mind I started on an ambitious project using all my various stashed sari silk and ribbons and a funky yarn I had scored at Tuesday Morning.  I did not swatch, it was after all a scarf.  I knitted through my three day weekend while watching Top Gear.  I think the end product is fabulously sumptuous.  Colorful sari ribbons and recycled silk running in vibrant colors the length of my creation.  I refuse to divulge the actual end measurement, but between friends, it is about double the diagonal scarf. 

Sari Scarf
I know when I am gone they will find cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, and closets full of scarves.  I just hope they understand that I was a woman who truly loved scarves.

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