Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Fiestaware Comes to Live with Me

As the birthday season continues, I got MORE Fiestaware from my beloved minion.  (Have I mentioned I have a minion?  Well, I do.  He is not always a good minion, but you know like family you can't choose your minion.)  He bought me lunch at Pi, and he came bearing dishes.  I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful minion. (Okay this week he is a good minion.)

Large Flamingo Butter Dish and Tangerine Soap Dispenser

Right before my birthday I discovered the good people at Homer Laughlin came out with some new Fiestaware pieces.  I was in love with the soap dispenser,  and wanted one in tangerine to match my kitchen.  I also saw a new larger butter dish.  Though I only use a butter dish when we have company, I still had to have one.  Minion got both for me and even purchased the butter dish in the wonderful flamingo color.    I love my new pieces of Fiestaware.  Thank you, Minion. 

Larger Flamingo Butter Dish in Back, Regular Chartreuse in Front

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