Saturday, May 17, 2014


500 500 500 500 500 500
This is my 500th blog post!  Yes, I have rambled on in the last 6 years to the tune of 500 posts.
I am excited to have lasted this long on my blog, and to reach 500 is worthy of a post saying, "YAY, Tempest!"
500 of anything must be good.
In Roman numerals that would just be
Maybe not a grade anyone of us would want, but when you put that with another d it is a millennium and an impressive cup size.
500 pennies is  .
500 denotes the measure of a race in NASCAR.
And the Proclaimers, proclaimed they would walk 500 miles to be the man walking next to you.  And to end my special 500th blog post, I give you the Proclaimers' biggest fan's singing to the tune of 500 Miles. 
Thanks for keeping up with me for 500 posts!

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