Sunday, May 11, 2014

Shawlette and Short Rows

Natalie and I were looking at knitting books at a bookstore and she pointed out a book on shawls.  I wasn't interested because I am not a shawl knitter, but later I did sneak a few glances at the book.  Darn it, but I did like the patterns in the book and with much ribbing (knitting pun here) she bought it for me.  One of the patterns, Heath by Amy Gunderson, in particular was just right for some Noro Matsuri (a cotton/wool blend yarn) I had in my stash.

Heath Shawlette Beautifully modeled by my baby sis
The pattern looked easy and I cast on, but encountered a problem.  There were many short row wraps, a stitch which I had not mastered yet.  I went to knit night with the hope that someone there might have a tip.  Brooke Nico, designer extraordinaire (, showed me a quick and easy way to get those short row wraps under control.  I will never fear the short row again after this trick.  She said to put a stitch marker on the yarn and just turn and knit (or purl) back.  When it comes time to knit the wrap, you just pull the stitch lock and then knit it with the next stitch.  I love learning great knitting tricks like that, thanks Brooke.

I loved how the Heath pattern turned out with the yarn I used.  All in all a knitting win.  Yay!

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