Friday, September 7, 2007

Eat me

Last night was Amy/Jamie night. I live for Amy/Jamie night. My cousin and I go out to eat and then we go to Border's and have our 21st century version of a salon. Or that is how it seems, since sometimes I think the world revolves around me. Anyway, last night we ran into Rachel from Dyebolical Yarn and her crew ( ) at Borders. We were also joined by Burning shoe and the lovely Lauren. Sonya the long suffering Borders employee came by and introduced Amy and I to the new cafe staff like we were rockstars. Needless to say all of that love went to my head.

I was pretty full of myself until the lovely Lauren pointed out that my green shirt with the palm tree on it was in fact the uniform for the night. A lady with greasy hair sitting just behind me had on the same exact shirt. I guess that is what you get for shopping the Wal-mart clearance rack.

Friday are always such a let down. 7 more days until Amy/Jamie night.

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