Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm late

My whole week has felt surreal, like I am on acid or something. It is that anxious mixture of adrenaline and insecurity. So let me break down my week to illustrate.

The first two days of the week were crazy because I had jury duty. Note to anyone out there with listening, people DO NOT trust cops anymore so why do attorneys even ask. African Americans trust cops even less and who can blame them. The only group probably trusted less are attorneys. I spent two straight days setting in a court room being grilled like a criminal as to why I should or should not get put on the jury. I was, as usually, on the list of people they wanted on the jury and I of course had not desire to sit there and do it. I had just cause to say I was unfit being the victim of a similar crime. The judge tried to get me to recant I stuck to my guns and I was released. I think the weirdest thing of all sitting on a very hard wooden bench while the defendant got to sit on a cushion. Oh the inhumanity of it all. The other thing was I kept running into people I knew from silly hall, that made me sad.

The rest of the week was all new job stuff. It was nice, but scary as all new jobs are. You go there full of hope that you won't be instantly hated and considered incompetent and everyday you wait for the signs that you have proven you are unworthy. I know I can do this job, I just have to learn it. This will take time.

The secretary of state's office has also been calling me all week and I have an interview Monday morning. It is surreal that as soon as I take a job they call wanting to get to know me. Life is strange.

Finally, I have been reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. The story is compelling, but the writing needs more polish. I found myself wanting to re-write whole paragraphs. If the overall story was not so intriguing I would probably not even gotten past the first two chapters. I think the genre is most intriguing, teen paranormal romance. Crazy that.

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