Sunday, September 9, 2007

How do you get to Wonderland?

Yesterday was actually in the category of surreal. I was exhausted from staying up too late knitting and watching Doctor Who. I really do like the new Who, it is a little edgier than the old Who. I am also relieved that Rose is gone, she really grated my nerves. Anyway, last night I stayed up and watched the new series Torchwood. Jury is out on that one, but I did like the overall look of the show. I also loved the whole possibility of the bi-sexual characters, I hope they stay with that aspect. Suffice it is to say I knitted a whole section of my scarf last night (7 more sections to go!)

Anyway, it was surreal to go to training for my job on a Saturday. We learned all about holds and internet searches. I mostly kept up. I think the holds part will be the most difficult of my job.

Today I am hoping to figure out how to finish knitting my sock. Wish me luck on that one.

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Weeping Angel #3 said...

I dunno. The last episode of Dr Who left me unmoved...