Friday, September 28, 2007

Who are you?

So when I grow up I want to be a famous author. One that people wait in line for the newest book. Until then I am the one forcing three staff members at Border's to rush around the store looking for the latest J.R. Ward Brotherhood of the Black Dagger series for me to buy. I felt pretty silly, but could not stop myself. The books aren't even that good, I just like the whole escapism of the concept. A secret vampire society separate from our own. I am a sucker for parallel universes.
Anyway, the trip to Jefferson City was enlightening. I discovered that treadmills are dangerous beasts. I also discovered that I can knit, watch TV, and ride a recumbent bike very easily. Exercise was never so much fun. But again I say treadmills are evil.
I went to the interview and so nailed it. The job is a really good fit for my background, but do I really want to move to Jeff. I am considering my options. Of course any opinions on taking out to mid-MO are appreciated.
Still working on the scarf. I am up to nine sections and I am thinking, I am only half way there. YIKES!!! I need to put that Black Dagger book down.

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