Thursday, September 6, 2007

Off with her head

I have been in training for my new job as a Library Assistant. It has been so different from my previous job. Everyone is so nice and they keep saying "Welcome to the Library." I keep waiting for someone to blindside me when they say that. After what I have been through with city government, I keep expecting the Queen of Hearts to jump up and say, "Off with her head!"
So, I have one more day of training and then it is off to my branch. Wish me luck.

Last night was knit night, and I had such a nice time. It is hard to let knit nights end, I love my knit buddies. They all make me feel so welcomed. I am hoping with the new job that it won't be too bad with the schedule. We will see. Anyway, there were so many beautiful projects going I can't help, but wonder when I am going to even brush at that level of knitting. In the mean time it is all garter stitch for me.

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