Monday, January 10, 2011

Pulitzer Prize, Or Knitting in Style

Some days I am very lucky, Saturday was one of those very lucky days.  I had the good fortune to spend my day doing what I wanted to do, which was going to a knit in at the Pulitzer Museum.  Saturday was cold, but the sun came out and made me want to spend sometime walking around the Grand Center taking photos before the knit in.  There was an old roofless church still standing despite its lack of amenities. No windows, no floor, no roof, but still standing waiting for parishioners to come along and make it whole again. Around the corner from the church I was surprised to find Sitting Bull staring back at me.

 The cold eventually drove me into the Grand Center, City Diner. I took a seat at the counter and enjoyed a good meal and very cool restaurant. I have been a long time patron of the City Diner so to experience my usual Ruben in a totally different location was a treat. Sitting at the counter had the added bonus of being in the thick of all the activity.

After a brisk walk through the theatre crowd going to the matinee of "Spamalot" I headed to the Pulitzer. I have never been to this museum before and I thought going to a knit in there was the perfect introduction to the place. I was one of the first to arrive and the staff kept asking me if I was a "Knitter," like I was some sort of exotic creature. Of course I brashly said, "Yes, you can tell because I have two bags." After wandering past a very long bank of shelves with hundreds of paper mache hands on its multiple cubbies, I picked a location and began knitting.

I was soon joined by an interesting knitter and spinner named Pam.  She was very smart and was making a hat for her husband out of her own handspun yarn.  Later we were joined by her friend, Sarah who was very vivacious and then some of my own knit night buddies, Eva and Mike.  I was there about two and half hours, knitting, talking, meeting people, checking out other peoples' projects, and just enjoying the hell out the event.  I love knit ins.  Everyone is eager to show off their projects and talk yarn.  I just wish we had more events like this one. 

I felt so invigorate (and it wasn't just the cold) by my day.  I felt lucky.  Lucky to have the day off from work, lucky to know how to knit, and lucky to always meet such amazing knitters.  In other words rresolution still going strong. 

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