Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Swan, Or Having a Good Day

Today I was off from work.  I had some things I needed to do, but mostly I wanted to be on my schedule, not someone elses.  I have come to treasure time I spend not at my job.  I was lucky I had an extra day off left over from the New Year's day holiday.  I have a glorious 4 days off (okay now it is really 3).  One of my goals for today was have bacon and eggs and see a movie. Little luxuries maybe, but today I felt downright decadent having a leisurely breakfast and then buying a movie ticket at noon.

The film, Black Swan has intrigued me.  A film about ballet, with Natalie Portman, and rumored to have lesbian content, count me in.  I have wanted to see it for weeks, but my schedule has not had much room for a movie.  Unfortunately, everyone has been blabbing about the movie, people I work with, facebook friends, and literally people on the street screaming out the ending.  Grrr. I went anyway, because I wanted to see it myself and not wait for the dvd. 

Put a check in that box, film watched.  I am not going to make the mistake of giving away any of the secrets, but I think Portman gave an Oscar worthy performance.  Her Nina made me weep with sadness, on some level I identified with elements of the character.  Because secretly I am a prima ballerina in my spare time.  Stop laughing it could happen, in my next life maybe.  Regardless of the differences between the graceful, waffish Nina and the solid, klutzy me, the film made me walk away thinking I should learn to be kinder to myself and accept my flaws. I love it when I walk away from a movie with new insights into my own character.  Black Swan definitely gave me that opportunity for self-examination, and made me nervous I think I am sprouting black feathers on my shoulder blades too.

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