Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 11: Purple Rain

On the last night of our summer together Natalie, Debbie, and I went to see Purple Rain.  We managed a couple of bottles of cheap wine and were feeling pretty buzzed by the time we got to the movie theatre.  Again, in that misspent summer I made some poor choices and being as excited as I was to see Prince in Purple Rain falls into that category.

Sorry No Buttons
Once the film started we were those loud, obnoxious, teenage girls that no one wants to sit by.  I remember the film being full of music, boys in make-up, and lots of frilly white shirts.  At some point in the movie Natalie who was on my right leans over and whispers in my ear, "I love all those buttons."  I started laughing and Debbie just kept asking what was so funny.  People kept giving us that be quiet stare.  I was surprised we weren't thrown out for our rude behavior.   I wish I could apologize to the other people in the theatre that night.

We came out of the theatre high on all the music and purpleness of the film singing "Darling Nikki," on our way to the car.  During the drive home we finished off our wine and talked about Prince's buttons on his pants.  We loved the music and Natalie said she was going to buy the cassette tape as soon as she could.  It was a good night.

When Natalie dropped me off we all got out of the car and hugged promising to see each other over Christmas.  I stumbled up the hill and fell asleep dreaming about buttons.  I know I should have missed my friends when I went away to college.  I don't know that I did, college was exciting and my new life consumed me.  However, every time I heard, "Purple Rain," I thought of that night and smiled.

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