Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12: Happy Birthday to My Beloved

Taking the day off from the epic saga of Natalie and I, because today is her birthday.  I know it is hokey and saccharine sounding to say, beloved, but I can't help myself.  According to the online dictionary beloved means, "past participle of beloven, to love : bi-, be- + loven, to love."  So beloven it is.

To celebrate I made reservations at a swanky urban eatery called Vin de Set (http://vindeset.com/).  The place is a rooftop restaurant with a deck view of downtown St Louis, which is probably better on a warmer night for the deck.  A friend gave us a good review of the place and I thought it would be a nice location for something special.  It seemed like a plan.

Fall 1985
I imagined a romantic setting with fancy food and we were not disappointed.  From the fromage section we each chose a cheese.  Natalie picked the Cotswold and I decided on one called Prairie Breeze.  The cheese board came with grapes, cranberries, hummus, tapenade, and mustard.  I think we could have just eaten on that and a dessert and left the restaurant stuffed.  We just kept telling each other how yummy dinner was.  Our entrees of fish and scallops were also very tasty.   Dinner was pricey, but for my beloved on her birthday it was a perfect evening.  We will definitely go there again for another special occasion. How far we have come from those two young women of almost three decades ago.

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