Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18: Parachute Pants

Into the excitement of my holiday break came the actual holidays.  Natalie actually left to go back east to see her mother and two sisters.  I was left to my family and missing Natalie.  When she returned from her holiday festivities she showed up wearing the height of 1980s fashions, parachute pants.  Someone had given her a pair for Christmas.  I can say I never wore parachute pants, but it was because no one ever bought them for me.  I am admitting to you and the rest of the blogosphere that seeing Natalie in those pants was what finally sent me over the edge.  I could not help myself.

Natalie had been gone for over a week and then one day out of the blue she showed up at my door in her new pants with a trendy multi-zippered vest on and she said she had just come from Eminence MO.  On a whim she had taken off in her car and drove on the roads less traveled and found herself in Eminence MO.  After Eminence she had come to see me.  I think my heart must have skipped a beat as she stood before me all wide eyed and beautiful.

It was a Sunday afternoon and my dad was home watching football.  He seemed uncomfortable with Natalie.  When she left the room he asked me if I thought she had really went to Eminence.  I saw the worried look in his eye.  I could only tell him if she said she had been somewhere I believed her.  I think that Sunday afternoon, I knew my feelings for her had moved beyond a crush to something deeper and more physical all because of those damned black parachute pants.

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