Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7: Ready to Rumble

High School is this crazy microcosms of life.  Every event is magnified to the height of drama for maximum emotional effective.  My high school was small enough that everyone was a part of the daily serial.  Nothing could tempt me to repeat those 4 tormented years of my life.  My senior year was exceptionally difficult.  I was trying to get into college, find ways to pay for college, and navigating the usual obstacles which challenge most young women. 

Natalie and I did not socialize much outside of Speech Meets.  She spent most of her time with Mollie and to make sure no one knew they were a couple Natalie even dated one of my classmates.  Mollie, in fact, was hot in pursuit after one of my cousins.  Throw into that my best friend was also in pursuit of the same said cousin and much mean girl posturing ensued.  Mollie even went as far as to make it known Natalie was going to beat my friend up.  If you know Natalie, you know how silly a statement that is.  Like I said, much drama.

One night my best friend and I were driving around, and yes we were drinking, her quite a bit, and who do we run into, but Mollie and Natalie.  I knew this encounter was not going to go over well.  My friend was all drunk and aggressive, Mollie acted like the victim in this drama, and Natalie was clueless as to what was happening.  All I could do was keep my friend moving and get her out of there as quickly as possible.  I wanted this crisis averted and fast. As we were almost out the door, I turned around and saw the look of anger on Natalie's face.  Once again I had that feeling that here was a person I would never be friends with.  I chalked it to one of the causalities of living in a small county.  One day soon I would be far from Crawford County and none of this silliness would matter, I thought. How wrong I was.

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