Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 29: Prince & The Revelution

You know how some television shows have those long story arcs which last through a season, but occasionally thrown in there is an episode not quite on par with the rest of the season.  It doesn't really fit the tone of the show and you know some hack was paid to flush out the allotted episodes for the season.  Okay, this is that blog post.  I am so close to completing the 30 day challenge, I am stretching to find fodder for today. 

I decided that fodder should be about Prince & the Revolution and the soundtrack for Purple Rain.  I know I have already talked about it through out the month, but it come as a surprise to me how much we loved those songs.  In fact Natalie said to me one day after reading my blog, "That whole album really was our first song."  She is right, but don't tell her I said that.

Notice Wendy's arm around Lisa

After writing about going to see the movie, Purple Rain, I dragged out my CD of the soundtrack and have been listening to it for inspiration.  I can remember just after Natalie and I became lovers getting all swoony after singing a rousing duet of "Take Me With You."  Going to our first gay bars in Columbia, MO and dancing like wild women to "Let's Go Crazy."  Excited to find lesbians talking about the water being ready in the very beginning of "Computer Blues."  Quoting lines from "Darling Nikki," to one another to be sexy.  And of coursing doing the hand signs for, "I will Die 4 U," behind straight people's back as a secret communication to each other of our commitment to one another.  The soundtrack to our love story would definitely begin with Prince & the Revolution.

Writing this month has made me revisit this love of the purple one.  I don't know that he would appreciate knowing his music was the fuel for a lesbian love story, but it was.  So to you Prince and the back up band I say thank you for giving us the music which was the mortar for the foundation of the relationship that still stands today.  And the doves cry...

(Tomorrow is a big day on my blog so tune in for the last installment of the month.)

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