Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: Hung-over

In high school I dated a guy from Natalie's school.  He was in a play and I went to the cast party with him.  As was often the case at these events much alcohol was consumed (much).  I came home that night drunk. Drunk enough I spent most of the ride home trying to get over my date to get sick out the window.  It was not pretty.

The next day we had a Speech Meet at my school.  I dragged myself there getting sick on the way to school.  Everyone seemed to know I had imbibed to much the night before and I was the laughing stock of the team.  I did deserve it, too.  Between events I went to the restroom to be close to the toilets.  I was on the floor with my head in the toilet when Natalie walked in.

I can remember wanting to die and all she could do was tell me she had done the make-up for the play the night before.  I wanted her to go away, but she continued to tell me she never wore make-up, but loved doing it for the play.  I know I looked like death warmed over, but she just kept talking to me as nothing was awry. She did not even ask what had happened or why I was sick.  I was relieved when she finally left me to my misery.

I have to say, anyone who can fall in love with someone after seeing her with her head in a toilet is worthy of much love.  Either that or Natalie was use to seeing people hung-over.  Or worse yet maybe she never noticed I was about ready to toss my cookies right there in front of her.

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