Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8: Freebird

I can describe my summer before college as 3 months of misspent youth.  Much of my time I ran around with one of my oldest friends, Debbie.  One night we went to a concert at Leasburg MO.  I think calling it a concert is a polite way of not calling it a drunken brawl.  Many of my former classmates were there.  All of us had been drinking more than any of us should.  One of the guys was standing next to me one moment and the next he was face down in the dirt.  I can remember thinking we were all in bad shape.

While we were picking up our friend up from the ground a car pulled up and out popped Natalie with my cousin.  They had just come from Six Flags and were ready to party.  They joined our revelry and started drinking with us.  I asked them where Mollie was and both of them said she was spending the summer in Michigan with a brother.  In the end I don't remember much more that evening, but that the band played "Freebird," and we danced to the very last chord.

The next day I woke up woozy and blurry headed, but I remembered Natalie being with us.  I also thought it was nice to spend time with her and not have Mollie around.  I also thought next time I needed to drink less.

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