Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day Eighteen: Gratitude

Another day of no sun and lots of hyperactive dew. I don't really mind the rain, I just get tired of the wet and cold after a couple of days. And it is Wednesday, not my favorite day. Wednesday seems to be the day that everything catches up with me. I start to slid down into the spiral of despair. Grasping for my daily gratitude I started focusing on something that makes me hum. At first I thought I would be grateful for the color green, I LOVE the color green, especially the shade chartreuse.
As much as I love green, I think about all the other colors I have grown to love: azure, blue, lavender, lemon, lime, magenta, melon, pink, purple, red, rose, salmon, tangerine, turquoise, etc. Bright colors on even the most dreary of days make me smile and give me hope. I am a woman who collects brightly colored dinnerware, has had the inside of her home painted like an Easter egg, and I am a sucker for colored stones in my jewelry.
Once I got this beautiful teapot from some friends, but the package was wrapped with the most audacious bow, ever. I loved the gift, but that bow was awesome. I wore the silly thing on my head like a hat all night. Another time I came home from vacation and found my kitchen tangerine, it is beautiful and it still makes me smile when I walk into the room. My closet is a riot of colors and you know I will wear almost any color with another color. Call me garish I don't mind.
Colors are moods, I am blue, seeing red, green with envy, mellow yellow, and again I say etc. I like the idea that I can effect my mood with a color change. Nothing will make me smile more than a brilliant bouquet of flowers. Maybe I should always wear bright colors on Wednesday, color means no spirals on Wednesday. Today I am grateful for all the beautiful colors in my life.

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