Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Fourteen: Gratitude

My cup of gratitude runs over with people, I love. Today it is my baby sister, Jessica. Jessica is half my age and I feel like I helped raise her in my own bumbling way. My parents adopted Jessica and I was at the hospital the day she was born. She was a tiny red-haired moppet with a temper to match. I have the distinction of being the one person that could calm her temper when she was growing up. She definitely taught me patience.

Together we learned about gargoyles, Cahokia mounds, and warrior princesses. I got to sit through a Spice Girl concert. We walked the streets of the French Quarter openly staring at the goth children dressed in their dark finery. Recently, we have supported each other through my Dad's illness knowing we are not alone in our worry for his health.

I have loved spending time with Jessica and watching her change and develop into a young woman. I am always astounded by her often unique character and individual fashion taste. She is an original. Our relationship is a partnership of sisters, we learn so much from each other. I have taught her to love sushi and art. She has shared her extensive knowledge of music with me and introduced several good groups with me including my favorite, Vas. She keeps me current and I hope I keep her grounded.

Today I sat at lunch with her and her boyfriend, Will. We talked about their plans for the future which might actually take her far away from me. The plans tugged at my heart, I want her to travel see the world and find happiness, but so far from me? However, I know near or far she will always be my baby sis, and I will always be grateful for all the love she has brought into my life.

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