Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Twenty-Two:Gratitude

Beauty and art are linked in most of our minds as interchangeable. I will admit I even fall into this category. Something that is beautiful often seems like artistic to me. I am no critic, but I know what I like. I like stylized flowers and lots and lots of colors. In the company of my beautiful friend, Fiona, and her daughter we took in Five Centuries of Japanese Screens at the St Louis Art Museum. After a lovely afternoon, I find I am very grateful for sharing art with people I care for.

Our small party stopped and paid our respect to St. Louis before heading into the museum and then we headed straight into the exhibit. We opted for the audio tour and head back to the sixteenth century Japan. I know so little about Japan and Japanese art; all of it was new to me. The panels were stunning from the deceptively simple and seeming monochromatic ones, to the very showy colorful panels overrun with characters. The panels with all the kimono clad people were remarkable because each figure had an unique expression on their tiny faces.
The botanical inspired panels covered in maples, willows, bamboos, cherry blossoms, and irises took my breath away. The irises next to a bridge over a stream popped off the screen in luscious colors. For a brief moment I could hear the rush of the water it was so sublime. Another series had panels of willow trees with each leaf made from a ground malachite paint. Fiona has spent some time in Japan and her insights into the some of the images was invaluable.

After the exhibit we did look at a few of the other treasures at the art museum. I showed the ladies my favorite piece, The convent doors from St. Isabel in Spain. The massive doors make my heart beat a little faster every time I see them. They are so intricate and impressive I am always swept away by the grandeur of the doors.

We might have lingered longer at the museum, but the stomach of a ten year old could not be staved off. Our excursion was at an end, but what a lovely way to spend the day surrounded by beauty, art, and people I love. How could I not be grateful?

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