Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Twenty-Six: Gratitude

(Family at the table)
My family is not a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving picture perfect group, but you know what it felt like it to me. Amidst the noise and the disorganization I experienced the warmth and love of my family and it felt good. Today on Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my crazy, dysfunctional family and how much I love them all just the way they are.

(Mom with her three great-grandchildren)
The cacophony of my this group makes it hard to even think. The three little guys were constantly into everything, stomping, yelling, and generally causing a racket. The adults, myself included, kept getting louder and louder to be heard of the din. The sound of soo much love is what I thought of the noise.

(Baby Sis and Boyfriend, Will)

There were new faces with the usual suspects. Baby Sis brought her boyfriend, Will. I don't know how Will dealt with the circus of the day, but he brought cake and seem to keep pace with the rest of us. In fact at several points I felt he actually enjoyed the company and added to the decibels.

(Mom and Tammy in the kitchen)

We smiled, we laughed, and boy did we eat. The atmosphere this year was more like a party than a wake. My dad was still with us and though we have no idea what the future holds, today we celebrated. Our day was all about gravy, one more holiday with each other, and one more chance to be a family. This dinner was true thanksgiving. We had made it through a very rough year and all survived to enjoy each other and of course some very fine eats. I am truly grateful for family and as crazy as we all are I would not want it any other way.

(Cheyenne enjoying her cake)

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