Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Four: Gratitude

Today I am grateful I learned to knit. I know that in the past I have waxed eloquently (and not so eloquently) on how I love to knit. I should say it is more like I am obsessed by knitting. When I am not knitting, I am thinking about knitting. When I am knitting I am thinking about more knitting; I fantasize about the things I will knit. I lay in wait for the newest issues of Interweave Knits, and I even knit in my dreams. It is all very salacious.

But as much as I talk about the act of knitting there is so much more it gives me than a new pair of socks or a very long scarf. While I am knitting, it relaxes my mind and pushes all the other screaming thing out. I focus on the yarn, the click of the needles, and the fabric growing in my fingers. I feel in control of just this one thing in life.

I would like to spend more time knitting, but to be clear, I don't want to knit professionally or have some sort of yarny aspirations. I find that having to do things I love, make them seem much less appealing, but to sit and knit for hours instead of working would be ideal. I especially love to knit in a room of knitters, we talk about knitting, and yarn, and needles, and patterns, and sex. All very enjoyable topics.

I think if I had a motto right now it would be, "I'd rather be knitting." In other words, I am grateful to be in the tribe of knitting.

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The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Brilliant, I love your blog. All the very best.