Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Six: Gratitude

I am grateful for my hush puppy shoes. The miles we have walked together and the places I have been in these shoes over the last ten year are epic in my mind. The shoes never left a blister or caused me to grimace after wearing them all day. I have loved the large lug soles and the cute brass buckle on the side. They have made me feel not only taller when I wear them, but give me a feeling of confidence as they connected with the ground. These shoes might not be the most stylish, but they have been my standby for any day I needed something a step up from tennis shoes. I paid about $50 for them, and have got every penny's worth out of the shoes. What you can't see in the photo is the sole and the leather pulling away from each other. I thought about repairing the shoes, but the sole is unfixable. I say good-bye to my hush puppies, but I am so grateful for all the wonderful places I have been in these shoes and how kind they have been to my feet. And of course I see shoe shopping in my furture.

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