Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Seventeen: Gratitude

Today I had a therapist appointment before work. While I quietly sat in my chair waiting for my turn to unload three weeks worth of frustration, I decided I was very grateful I had health insurance. If I did not have health insurance, I would not have the luxury of therapy. Not that I think of therapy as a luxury, but if I had no means to pay for the sessions, it would be. I am lucky I have good coverage right now, I even have dental. My co-pay is very small and even the deductible is manageable. I may dislike my job, but the things that makes me roll out of bed and show up on time is the insurance.

According to a CNN story one person out of every three people are without insurance. This number is controversial, but for me that even one person goes without health care is one person too many. Furthermore, I look at people like my parents who have spent most of their life under insured because as small business owners they could not afford good coverage, it does not seem fair. We come in contact with these people everyday who have no insurance. They could be the girl that checks you out at Sam's, the instructor at the community college, the bass player in the swing band you heard last weekend, it could even be you. People who work hard, just like me, people who are just as worthy as I am for help when they are sick. Why can't we do more to improve access to health care?

So, yes, I am grateful that I have health insurance. I just wish we all could be grateful for having health insurance or a health care system that was available to everyone.

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