Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Two: Gratitude

I am grateful today for my mother. As corny as it sounds, I would be lost without her. Growing up my relationship with my mother was conflicted. She was an obstacle to all the things I wanted to do and I was the constant force that pushed her at every turn. We were at war with one another. Despite being her adversary my mother always made sure I had clean clothes, new shoes, and hugs before bedtime. I would repay her by cutting up her wig, breaking the dishwasher, and generally being a brat. One of my best memories of my mother is lying in her lap while she would stroke my hair.

When I went away to college it was almost like overnight our relationship changed. We went from combatants to friends. Mom became one of my best friends and I cherish all the time we spend together. Sometimes I feel like Ethel to her Lucy when we travel together . I have been lost in the wilds of Ohio, been stuck waiting for the President, flown over volcanoes, and paid way too much for lunch while in my mother's company. Good times. Her talented and outgoing personality win her friends and admirers wherever she roams. I am lucky to be the daughter of such a woman.

With all the drama of the last year she has stayed strong, taking care of my dad, their business, and keeping up with most of her daily activities. Some days were hard and we consoled each other via AT&T, but we had each other and that made the difference. I love my mom and to be honest, I am so grateful she chose to have me as her daughter.

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