Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day Twenty-eight: Gratitude

With no preamble, today I am grateful for shopping! Call me a capitalist pig if you want, but I love to shop. If I had to cite one thing I am good at it is shopping, I am after all my mother's daughter. I cut my eye teeth at Venture (sadly now in the realms of the departed along with Grandpa's, Famous Barr, and Stix, Baer, and Fuller) and moved up to malls. I may have math issues, but trust me I know to the penny how much 20% off is on something that is $29.99 ($23.99 without tax).
In other words if shopping was a sporting event, I think I could at least achieve semi-pro status. With the economy and my finances I have to be a little on the careful side, but today I was ready for some retail therapy. I managed my day quite handily, I planned my day based on sales and coupons. Currently I am heady with the rush of my success. I went to two yarn stores, a new age store, Barnes and Noble, and Quiktrip. It was a fine day. I scored some books, some Christmas presents, and of course yarn.

My day had the added bonus of my lovely wife accompanying me on the excursion. She and my mother are my two favorite shopping buddies. The three of us can close down a mall. Natalie may not look like the avid shopper I am, and maybe she isn't, but she does come along for the ride. We don't really have the same taste, but you know we still have a lot of fun. Who knew you could find miniature Elvis statues at Barnes and Noble anyway?
As we went, we spread joy and cash to all the business we visited today. I think my favorite moment was when she loaded me down with huge puffs of yarn and left me stranded in the middle of a yarn shop. All I could do was smile when she turned around and saw me struggling to balance all of the yarn in my arms as I went to the counter. It was bliss, shopping, my wife, and yarn. How could I not be grateful?

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