Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Eight: Gratitude

I thought I was going to talk about how grateful I was to lounge around on my futon, drinking ice tea, and knitting which was my plan for the day. However, I spent the day running errands and stopping by my favorite LYS (Local Yarn Store) . It doesn't really matter which I did in the end because I was on my schedule today, no one else's. So today I am grateful for a much earned day off.

I have spent the last two weeks working with very little time off having worked all last weekend and this Saturday as well. This pace wears me out, and to be honest makes me not really like people that much. Today, I did deal with humanity,but only in brief interludes. The LYS was my only exception I made. I meet a new knitter named Erica who was doing her first circular pattern, and I must say she was rockin' those DPN (Double Pointed Needles). I also bumped into Sharon, who I know from Wednesday nights, on a mission for more yarn. The knitters and a few crocheters were out by the tangles today. Even managed to get in a wonderful conversation with my friend, Lavendergrl, about her fabulous night at the Fox with Leonard Cohen.

I could go on about my day off, but let's just say I am very grateful that I finally had one.

A day off is something to be treasured.

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