Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Twenty: Gratitude

DAY TWENTY!!! I can't believe I have been this grateful! Two-thirds of the way to my goal and I am feeling like I rock! Lots of exclamation points there, but I have earned the right to use them. First I want to thank everyone for the awesome feedback and support. You have made this project seem more than an exercise, but, well to pound in the word, it has been gratifying. However, I still refuse to cheat and use that as my daily gratitude. Today I am grateful for dinner with friends.

I love social activities and when you combine friendship with food. Well, it is bliss. Tonight was a double treat, my friends Bard and Kim joined my beautiful wife and I dinner. Kim continues to be a source of gratitude, you may remember her from Day Ten. When you add her partner, Barb, to the mix, the result is just delightful. The conversation always sparkles and the laughter is frequent.

Tonight they were especially gracious trying Japanese for the first time. Bravely, they tried new food and found edamame, tempura and udon noodles to be new favorites. I was just happy with the joy of sharing something I love with people I love. After dinner we sat around my dining room table, drinking hot tea, and just enjoying the warmth of each other company. Tonight it was Barb and Kim, but that feeling of comfort is always appreciated wherever it is found for this feeling I am grateful.

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