Monday, November 23, 2009

Day Twenty-Three: Gratitude


I am not really feeling the blog love tonight, but I am so close to my goal that I am soldiering on. I try very hard not to litter my blog with animal photos because much like children, pets are only interesting to the people connected to them. It is like, "Look here are more photos of things you are completely uninterested in." However, I am hoping to get away with it today because of the gratitude project. I am grateful today that my pets are always glad to see me.

(Grasshopper sans fur)

No matter how crabby I get or how crappy my day has been my cats don't care. They are just happy I am back to scratch them behind the ears, refill the food and water bowls, and of course to turn on my electric blanket. I can tell them how much my day sucked and they listen, they have no clue what I am saying, but they at least watch my lips move. All of them are up for a cuddle and lovefest (except Grasshopper she is a touch me not kind of cat).

(7 Cs taking a bath)
7 even waits on the other side of the door yelling, "Mom, Mom, Mom get in here now I miss you." Okay maybe, it is more like, "My human, My human, feed me, NOW!" 7 is always up for a tummy rub and chin tickle. 7 sleeps with me every night, right on top of my head. I think he is afraid I am going to sneak out in the middle of the night and be unfaithful to him to with other felines.
(Lanie Lou and Ria Sou)
I also live with two dogs, Lanie and Ria. First I am not a dog person. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but prefer cats. However, these two little charmers are different. They are Natalie's dogs, but I do co-habitat with them. They are always tail wagging happy to see me. Both vie for my attention and love nothing more for me to lay on the bed with them and share a lovefest with them. Much petting and ear scratching are involved. After a bad day seeing these two eager faces waiting at the gate for me helps remove some of the ick from my day. They don't care that I couldn't solve all the problems of the world and that some man in North County thinks I am evil incarnate because he owes too much money in overdue fines. They don't even now what library are. All of my critters treat me like I am their hero and you know in many ways it makes me feel a little more important, a little less beaten down. They can never read this post about them and you know what they don't care. All they care is that I come home everyday and make sure there is food in their bowls. For my four & three legged babies, I say thank you, I am very grateful you are all in my life.

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