Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Eleven: Gratitude

Today I am grateful for a place, a place that is imbued with the smell of good things to eat, lively conversation, enough knitting notions for any possible yarn emergency, and much love. A place so lovely and full of good company it has been dubbed Rivendell. All are welcome and the back door hinges are worn from many beloved visitors.
The trio of hosts who dwell at Rivendell always have a smile for guests, and are quick to offer hugs, libations, and substances. We gather in tangles of knitters and associates of knitters to talk of knitty, among other things. At times we can get a bit (okay maybe a little more than a bit) raucous, but what is a loud guffaw whilst with friends. While visiting I have found comfort and solace and comforted others in my turn.
I am a frequent visitor at Rivendell. Some could say I am an honorary resident, I am there so much. A joke that is often repeated among our circle of friends is the only reason I haven't moved into Rivendell there is no room for all my stuff. I may not live there, but I often find my car drives by without me even thinking about. I park and head on in through the back door knowing I will be welcomed by my nearest and dearest as if I had just come home. I am orphan taken into the warmth of the Rivendell family and for this I am very grateful.